Indopalm equipped its Jetty for Unloading Crude Palm Oil Barges and Loading Edible oils Vessel with high capacity system reach up to 2,400 MT per hour, providing all port facility to secure the ship and comply with International Port Safety and Security regulation ISPS Code as well as United Nation International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Transportation Division with its main task to deliver raw materials (CPO/CPKO) from multiple mills to our factory and also deliver to our local customers which is supported with 81 (Eighty-one) units of variety capacity road Tankers. For smoothness run of the plant we provide them with repair & service workshop in our factory. 


INDOPALM is one of the biggest capacities for oil storage in Lubuk Gaung- Dumai Industrial Area. It can store up to 94,000MT oils to guarantee a continuous supply of palm oil for the process and for clients' vessels. All tanks are constructed to store the oils according to the recommended international code of practice (CODEX Code) for edible oils storage in bulk.

INDOPALM constructed Bonded Logistic Center (BLC) with 15,000MT capacity to store and blend the exported or imported oils for re-exporting to reduce the logistic and transportation cost and support the CPO and palm oil export products growth.

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