Fractionation Products


Indopalm uses the best quality Crude Palm Oil and Crude Palm Kernel Oil to process with the latest and automation technology process, ensure only the highest quality products delivered to customer. All our products will go through Quality Control checking to ensure our customer get the best product consistently.

RBD Palm Olein is a refined, bleached and deodorized form of palm oil. Palm oil is initially extracted from palm fruit. It is the liquid fraction obtained by the fractionation of palm oil after crystallization at controlled temperatures.

The type of RBD palm olein is differentiated from the cloud point of the olein. The cloud point is the temperature at which olein will start to cloud or crystallize. The cloud point determines the degree of saturation and the stability of the olein in low temperature.

Refined Bleached Deodorized (RBD) Palm Olein is a clear yellow liquid palm oil at room temperature. It has different characteristics than the typical Palm Oil. It’s commonly used as a cooking oil as well as a frying oil for food industries such as ready–to–eat food and snack food industries.

RBD Palm Olein Double Fractionation is also known as Super Olein. Super Olein is a Softer type of Olein which is obtained by the Fractionation of Standard Olein. In this process, we achieve the maximum possible fluidity. Super Palm Olein has an iodine value of 60–65. Super Palm Olein is more suited to cooler climates and has Cloud Points (CP) of about 2 °C (35.6 ºF) to 5 °C (41 ºF).

Excellent to be used as liquid cooking oil and all the more suitable for frying.

Does not alter the taste or flavour of fried food any distinct fragrance.

It leaves the meal completely dry with no dripping of oil.

RBD Palm Stearin is the more solid fraction obtained by fractionation of palm oil after crystallization at controlled temperatures. It is thus a co product of palm olein and is always traded at a discount to palm oil and palm olein making it a cost effective ingredient in several applications. RBD Palm Stearin is a very useful source of fully natural hard fat component for products such as shortening and pastry and bakery margarines.

Palm mid-fractions (PMFs) are produced by multi-stage fractionation from palm oil and has been widely popular in the formulation of various food ingredients (e.g., chocolate/confectionery fats, icings, shortenings, margarines and frying fats) due to their high yields, unique physicochemical properties and nutritional values. It is used as chocolate fats, and the potential demand of cocoa butter equivalents (CBEs, one of the high-quality chocolate fats). PMFs are the most ideal ingredients in the confectionery manufacture.

Crude Palm olein is the liquid fraction obtained during fractionation of crude palm oil, which involves crystallization under controlled temperature and removal of crystals by filtration. Palm olein contains higher amounts of oleic (39–45%) and linoleic acids (10–13%) compared to palm oil. Various blends of palm olein with other vegetable oils such as soybean, sunflower, and canola oils increase the oxidative and cold stability of the mix.

Palm stearin is the harder fraction of palm oil, containing a higher proportion of saturated fatty acids and TAGs with a higher melting point of 48–55°C. The palmitic acid content ranges from 49 to 68% and oleic content from 24 to 34%. It is mainly used as hard stock for soft margarines and in infant fat formulas.



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