Physical Refining Plants

The palm oil fruit can yield two distinct edible oil – the pericarp and the kernel parts of the palm fruit. The physical refining process is suitable for both crude palm oil and palm kernel oil. Our physical refining plants are built for large-scale production.

 Fractionation Plant

Our process technology is based on a fully continuous and automatic fractionation of palm oil. An exclusive technique of gravitational membrane filtration is implemented in palm oil fractionation that aids in better olein recovery on a sustained basis with a higher recovery chance.

 Oil Storage

Our palm oil storage tanks assurance a certain storage temperature, excellent sealing and low-pressure steam-heating coils are installed in the palm oil storage tanks to prevent fractionation and solidification. They also are all lined with suitable protective coating, effectively prevent iron contamination


PT. Pacific Indopalm Indutries established in Dumai city - Riau province, East cost of Sumatra Island, the biggest volume Refinery operation area and the largest palm oil products exporting city in Indonesia

Established in December 2009 and in 2013 additional plants installed to increase the capacity by 120% to cover the palm oil products growing markets demands.

The company has invested in the latest technology plants with the fully automatic Refineries& Fractionations and Bulk storage along with Fleet of road Tankers to ensure continuous supply of Crude Palm Oil from the mills.

Indopalm generate own Electricity using Palm kernel shell as renewable biomass fuel and one of the most Environmental friendly fuel never making any harm to the Environment .


To be a leading company in the palm oil Indutries known for its Excellence.


Providing customer with the best quality products with most efficient service while complying with Sustainability policy and also with Health, Safety & Environmental regulations. While improving the performance of our employees and company, resulting in helping our customers to improve their business performance.

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Honesty Fairness and Respect are among the highest value traits in our business.


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Through continuous hard work, we are striving to achieve superiority and success at all stages of our activities.

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We never stop our continuous efforts and persistence to achieve the best performance that seems impossible by others.

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We established lifelong working relation with our employees and stakeholders by acting with good Faith and mutual trust.

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Being outstanding in everything we practice achieving Greatness.


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